About Us

About Us
DIONISA GIFTS & TRADING PTE LTD has been in operation since 2008
This is our core business as a corporate gifts solution provider ensuring a fully integrated package for all your needs. We are committed to providing all kinds of gifts, souvenirs, gadgets and marketing collaterals to enhance Corporate identity in all your marketing actions like events, conferences, exhibition, sales campaigns, product launches, year end goodwill, etc

Each proposal and solution takes into consideration the client's requirements and budget and yet suited to the target recipients. What is more, DIONISA has the technical expertise to undertake OEM production of your unique creation


- In synergy with a wide network of strategic sources and partners, we shall make DIONISA solutions accessible to all pockets giving good value for money

- This comes with conducting our business and ourselves with decorum in ethical dealings, quality consciousness, delivery and customer service.

- This is not restricted to product innovations but extends also to assisting clients to achieve optimum solutions to suit their needs and interest.

- Depending on market evolution, trends, and demand, DIONISA will from time to time present novelty gift products to the market.

About Us
Dionisa is the Sole Distributor for the above products made in Paglieri SpA of Italy. FELCE AZZURRA (meaning blue fern) is founded in Italy in 1876, situated in Alessandria in Northwestern Italy.

FELCE AZZURRA is a leader in Italy for their industry. Tradition, History, Quality and Authenticity is the essence of FELCE AZZURRA's success in entering the wellness culture of generation by generation. It has proudly earned the reputation of " The Best Friend for your Whole Family"

To ensure maximum safetly and compliance with ruling ISO 9001 Certification, all products undergo strict quality controls with microbiological, physical and chemical analysis both of raw materials and finished products. Raw materials are based on natural ingredients, aptly formulated according to performance required and finished products are dermatologist tested.

Body wash
Talcum Powder
Liquid Soap
Bar Soap
Intimate Hygiene wash
Body creme
For Men


Fabric Softener
Ironging starch

Perfumes your Laundry

Floor Cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Perfuming Gel


Paglieri has been caring for your skin for more than 130 years and now also takes care of younger children with products specifically studied for more delicate skins and formulated to make bath-time a pleasant, enjoyable moment.
With SapoNello, everything is transformed by magic into a game!


The adventure of a scented world